“An urgently needed defence of wonder...We neglect its message at our peril.”
– Iain McGilchrist, author of The Master and his Emissary
“An impressive erudition and literary sensibility animate the pages of this thoughtful book.”
– Robert Pogue Harrison, author of Forests: the Shadow of Civilization
“In this small volume Patrick Curry accomplishes much. If we join him as he tracks several of the numberless styles of enchantment, if we pay heed to his insights and sometimes argue with him, we’ll find ourselves slowly becoming more layered within ourselves, wiser, and maybe even wonder-struck.”
– David Abram, author of The Spell of the Sensuous and Becoming Animal
'I found the book thought-provoking while at the same time relishing its clarity and accessibility -- it can be so hard to talk about this subject without delving in to all kinds of abstract or arcane language -- and in the end, uplifting, for I felt it opened a way in for people who might be suspicious of the philosophical and religious sides of this experience.'
Professor John Burnside, St. Andrews University
'Patrick Curry suggests that the opposite of enchantment is not disenchantment but glamour. Like Jung when he stated that the opposite of love is not hatred but power, Curry shows how glamour is a fabricated, false, fake version of enchantment. His demonstration is extremely convincing. Reading him, one feels like opening one's eyes wider.'
Ginette Paris, author of The Wisdom of the Psyche
'Curry's Enchantment is simply an enchanting book, built on the wonder of our relationship with existence. It is lyrically written for all who have been enchanted, and draws on his own experiences. It encourages each of us to consider the wonder and love we are gifted -- and can return.'
Haydn Washington, author of A Sense of Wonder Towards Nature
'As Patrick Curry argues eloquently in his thoughtful examination of the human condition in these challenging modern times, "enchantment is an experience of wonder". This is no mere academic exercise, although he is surprisingly erudite in his choice of texts, writers and cultural icons to illustrate his thoughts on this vital feature of being fully human. Nor is this a fluffy 'New Age' extended essay on how much better this world would be if we were all nice to each other. Much of the material is philosophical or poetic in nature, drawn from inspirational writers such as J.R.R. Tolkien, Max Weber, and W.H. Auden. Although mainly positive in tone, Curry does not hold back from stating things as they are. He is passionately scathing in denunciation of elements in the present world that seek to enslave the human race as little more than robots.'
Magonia Review
'After reading any of [Patrick Curry's] pieces life seems more worth living, and for that I am especially grateful.'
Zygmunt Bauman, author of Liquid Modernity
'This is a delightful, not to say enchanting book about enchantment and the possibilities for wonder in modern life in an era increasingly characterised by disenchantment... The text is beautifully woven, with many magical excerpts and episodes from the author's wide reading and extensive experience... A crucial reminder of what represents real quality of life.'
David Lorimer, Scientific and Medical Network
'After reading any of [Patrick Curry's] pieces life seems more worth living, and for that I am especially grateful.'
Zygmunt Bauman, author of Liquid Modernity
'Patrick Curry’s study is insightful about uncovenanted blessings that bring delight. It also resonates with current ecological concerns and critiques of technology and economic “rationality” as the measure of human value.'
Times Literary Supplement (29 May 2020)
‘Dr Curry has written an important and inspiring book that can help us appreciate the importance of wonder in our lives’.
Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive, RSA